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Overcoming Lack of Accessibility

The number one factor when members decide on a gym is how conveniently located it is. A survey of gym members found that 50% stayed with their gym based on location, alone. But, not all gym members are deterred if…

Member Loyalty and Member Retention

Build relationships with your members and demonstrate their importance.

Member loyalty is too often overlooked when aiming to build a substantial membership base. Consider the basic steps in member acquisition: 1.Identify prospects; 2.Engage prospects; 3.Convert prospects to leads; 4.Convert leads to members In this piece, we are focusing on step…

Incentives: Giving More Without Getting Less

Gift Card Incentives

Your Incentive to Use Gift Card Incentives.   Before Gift Cards “Get one month free” “No enrollment fee” “Discounted membership” Elementary Incentives You believe these are your “tried and true” incentives. The rationale is relatively simple, consumers love a bargain…

$1.2 Billion Proves Gift Cards Popularity

Keep up to date on gift cards

In a recent study conducted by The Wall Street Journal it was found that a surprisingly large amount of America’s money exists on gift cards. In particular, Starbucks gift cards and corresponding app hold a lion’s share of the virtual…

Do You Know When to Incentivize?

A map of when to incentivize

Do You Know When to Incentivize? “When do I incentivize a call to action?” “What call to action do I promote?” ”When do I run a promotion?” These three questions can really be addressed in one directive: When to incentivize.…

7 Ways to Drive Summer Gym Memberships

Greet your members with a smile.
While most people look forward to summer with bicycle rides in the park, uncovering the backyard pool or strolling along the shore, fitness clubs and gyms typically look to summer with dismay. Instead of losing members to the siren’s call of sunny days, try these tactics to bring those members indoors (your doors.)