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How to Boost New Member Promotions

boost new member promotions

In a member based business, such as gyms, you are always looking for ways to boost new member promotions. Fitness app provider, Netpulse, published this list of “3 Easy Ways to Promote Your Gym.” We’re going to look into ways…

Factors in Choosing Which Incentive

There's a lot to think about when choosing incentives for your customers.

What do you take into account when choosing which incentive to use for your promotion? 1. Relevance to Customer Base The idea of making an incentive synch with your own brand isn’t the only point of relevance to take into…

Expand Your Brand Identity Through Pairing

Easy as a handshake

Amazon.com, Starbucks, iTunes- all brands with instant recognition, instant authority and instantly perceived value. Every business would like to have that kind of brand identity. Your business may not yet have the resources or scope to build the prestige of…