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Options for Customers’ Unused Gift Cards

Some ways to use unused gift cards

Receiving a gift card you can’t or will never use always happens to someone. When one of your members comes to you with the problem of unused gift cards, don’t let them leave feeling as if they lost. Here is a…

$1.2 Billion Proves Gift Cards Popularity

Keep up to date on gift cards

In a recent study conducted by The Wall Street Journal it was found that a surprisingly large amount of America’s money exists on gift cards. In particular, Starbucks gift cards and corresponding app hold a lion’s share of the virtual…

Factors in Choosing Which Incentive

There's a lot to think about when choosing incentives for your customers.

What do you take into account when choosing which incentive to use for your promotion? 1. Relevance to Customer Base The idea of making an incentive synch with your own brand isn’t the only point of relevance to take into…